Who created the NBD Campaign?

The NBD Campaign was created by Dr. Lee Airton with funding and in-kind support from the Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity, the Centre for Urban Schooling, the Sexual and Gender Diversity Office at the University of Toronto, and Planned Parenthood Toronto as well as from many individuals. If you’d like to help sustain the Campaign, get in touch!

All NBD Campaign materials (logo, badge and infographics) were designed and illustrated by Cai Sepulis. This site was created and is maintained by Mel Racho.

NBD has also been made possible through the hard work of many people who donated their time and expertise. In particular, thanks are due to:

  • Tamara de Szegheo Lang
  • Megan Cindric
  • Naomi de Szegheo Lang
  • Lindsay, Ryan & Finnegan Herriot
  • Steph Chambers & Monica Noy
  • Gloria & Granville Airton
  • Lauren Jervis
  • Jake Pyne
  • Dr. Brenda Cossman
  • Rebecca Thorpe
  • Alex Wells
  • Cheryl Dobinson
  • Jeremy Dias
  • Dr. Tara Goldstein
  • Dr. Allison Burgess
  • Anonymous

And a special thank you to these folks who contributed consultation and content:

  • Lex Konnelly
  • Dr. Claudia Ruitenberg
  • Dr. Kyle Kirkup
  • Dr. Michael A. Gilbert AKA Miqqi Alicia Gilbert