They Is My Pronoun


The honest mistake: On being a pronoun beginner

“The ethic of “no big deal” is not a free pass to keep on making mistakes, over and over again, even honest ones. It’s also not a free..

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Lee Airton - What singular they teaches us about social difference

Lecture: What singular they teaches us about the everyday life of social difference In this lecture, Dr. Lee Airton offers an introduction to..

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The Point - S01E14 - Neo Pronous & The Douche Effect

Wearing their best NBD green sweater, Campaign founder Lee Airton recently went on an online talk show to clear up some misconceptions about..

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Timeline Photos

This holiday, prepare for family convo about that whole pronoun business with the #nbdcampaign infographics! No, Uncle whoever, you can’t be..

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Did you know that the #nbdcampaign infographics are now available on They offer easy ways to debunk the most common arguments..

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